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Sorrows, Joys and Blessings

Our Walk With Parkinson’s

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“Forget preconceived notions of what life must be like and go with the flow, enjoying every minute you can. Laugh if you can, cry if you must, trust in God and do everything with love in your heart.” – Mary Dunne

“Courage does not always come riding in on a white horse. Often courage is quiet and subtle. Courage is facing adversity in life and Jimmy faces life with courage and humour.” – Joanne Chase (reader)

“Your book needed to be written and is something that will remain with me and will be revisited again and again. I think it is amazing that you have the courage to share your feelings. Your poetry is lovely and touching. I know that writing poetry is a challenge for many. I think it is an incredible display of beauty that you have the strength to write about the way Parkinson’s has changed your lives, but not your love for each other.”  – John Strickland (former student)

Jim was alive when Mary wrote the first book. He attended the book launch and a few days later he was taken to hospital. Six months after the book launch, he made his way to heaven.

When asked if he had read the book, he replied, “I am the book! I lived it!”

Certificate of Congratulations from Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

To Lend a Helping Paw

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To grieve takes Courage

Courage to face another day

Courage to allow the tears to flow

Courage to face the pain

Courage to take care of you

We know that pets add joy, laughter and love to our lives. With their unconditional love, they quickly become part of our lives.

In her book To Lend a Helping Paw – The Power of Unconditional Love, Mary Dunne shows how pets can help people grieve. With compassion and caring, she helps the reader understand why it is very important to allow oneself to grieve and how animals can make the long road to healing more bearable.

Through the use of pictures, poetry and stories, she has created a book that is informative, comforting, and easy to read.

Certificate of Congratulations from Hon. Andrew Leslie